Motorhome rental New Zealand

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Motorhome rental New Zealand – Rent a motorhome New Zealand

Motorhome / camper rental New Zealand

3x750NZ For a holiday you will never forget. Search and find the best prices for motorhome rentals in New Zealand. Modern, luxury motorhomes & campervans for hire from 2 to 8 berth models. Find the best deals and the cheapest prices for your rental motorhome.

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The Best New Zealand Campervan Hire Prices Guaranteed

Leie Bobil i New Zealand New Zealand was made for motorhome travel. Travelling New Zealand by motorhome rental or your Campervan hire allows you the choice of freedom! Stay a night anywhere of your choice, this is the only way to travel while on holiday in new Zealand!
Although New Zealand is a relatively small country it can take many hours to drive between cities and other destinations of interest. Even when distances are short, hilly or winding terrain or narrow secondary roads can slow your journey. Overestimate your journey times to ensure you have time to stop and enjoy the view.
Always drive on the left-hand-side of the road.
Always keep on or below the legal speed limits indicated on road signs. The maximum speed on any open road is 100km/h. The maximum speed in urban areas is 50km/h. Adjust your speed as conditions demand.

New Zealand is packed with things to do. The hardest part of planning your motorhome holiday will be deciding what to do first and where to go.
Exploring New Zealand’s magnificent landscape and coastline in a rental motorhome tops the list for many. If adventure is your game, there’s a long list of thrilling activities to get your blood racing. Or if it’s a relaxing holiday you’re after, hot pools, vineyards and cultural attractions will keep you entertained.

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