Motorhome / RV rental Iceland

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Motorhome hire Iceland

Motorhome, 4×4, RV, Camper van, rental search in Iceland. Reliable Information about motorhome hire or camper van hire for your holidays in Iceland. Find the best prices for your motorhome holiday in Iceland.

Island is a perfect country to travel around in a RV / motorhome. Island is famous for its magnificent nature, geothermal energy and the idiosyncratic nature of its inhabitants. Its landscape is marked by glaciers, volcanoes, hot springs, and absolutely no trees. Traveling around in a motorhome will give you the opportunity and time to see the sites at your own pace.

Motorhome / RV rental Iceland

Motorhome / RV rental Iceland

Iceland has become a  popular destination for adventurers and seekers of the unusual, offering white water rafting, glacial snowmobiling and hot-spring bathing, as well as phenomena such as the midnight sun and the northern lights. For renting your motorhome it is always best to order early as the number of motorhomes / RV`s is limited.

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Temperature in Iceland

Warmed by the Gulf Stream, Iceland has a surprisingly temperate climate for its latitude. Winter temperatures average at a mild 0 to -10 degrees Celsius (32 to 14 F). In summer, temperatures range between 10 and 25°C (50-77 F). However, due to the notoriously  weather and strong winds, you may want to bring a windbreaker just in case, or buy a traditional hand-knitted wool sweater.


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